Wednesday, 17 May 2017

How to Get a Roof On

We started back on the house after the January school holidays, glad to get back into it. 

The next stage was getting the roof on, but there was a month or two of work beforehand... 

 Firstly the house plumbing got hooked up, thanks to Anthony Old Plumbing, Orange... (note absence of eaves).

The eave rafters are put up- thanks to the help of some hardworking friends!...

The supporting poles are positioned...

And the facia board ties it all together, thanks to more friends and volunteers....

The kids visit the site as the first of the facia boards go up. 

The day of Daves! Thanks fellas for helping Ben on some terribly hot February days. 

But thats not all! No roof sheeting yet.. Still more to do..

The eaves are lined, the special Proctor Wrap underneath for the roof insulation, the bird netting on top..

The framework needs more structural bracing, thank you volunteers Alyssa and Christian..

The facia needs painting so that the guttering can be put on, thanks Eaon, Nick, Tim and Dave!....

Oh and a water tank hole to be dug..

And inspected...

Then the rest of the roof had Proctor Wrap installed (thank you Ben, Tim, Dave, Tims uni friend, Ken, Mark and Marks nephew from England!)...

The fellas at work.

The view of the ProctorWrap from the road.

Then the guttering was installed in early March, thanks to Ben...

After so much work, there was much excitement when the colourbond roof sheets were delivered, ready for the roofer and his team to come and install!

The roof sheeting delivered!

Then finally, on the 27th March, Ben got a roof for his birthday!! Thank you very much George Stuart Roofing, from Orange!

Hmm, what next;  
Preparing for the Hempcrete walls!

(I'm hoping for some walls for my birthday!)

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