Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The Miracle House..

Q: How can two carers, with limited income and three wheelchair-bound children, build a house? Let alone one big enough for three wheelchair users?

A: With some pretty special help. Hence the title 'The Miracle House'.. 'Miracle' in the 'supernatural help' sense of the word! 

2013 was full of challenges as we adapted to our triplets new, larger,  power wheelchairs. 
Especially in the way they impact our home environment. (See previous post)...

Then, when the kids turned 7 in November, we looked ahead a few more years down the track, and realised that by the time they reach 10 years old they will have well and truly outgrown our current house.

Added to that, the daily frustration that we live with seems almost unbearable at times. 
..and the wheelchairs are just going to get bigger.

These things compounded our need for a more accessible house, so we decided we need to take the risk, that we need to make a space, build a purpose-built house, where Anwen, Mahalah and Gideon can live and grow, with as little limitations and frustrations as possible...

So, we are looking at purchasing some land around town and starting the process of building a house..

This is where others can become a part of the   miracle..

This is me putting it 'out there'... Inviting people to join our little adventure and help to make this 'miracle house' a reality..

If  you are interestedplease contact myself (Jemimah Read) at, or leave a comment below.

Alternatively, we have set up a long term savings account* for the purpose of providing for Anwen, Mahalah and Gideon's ongoing special needs. (See details below).

Thank you so much for your interest, please feel free to pass this on to any you think may be interested.

With gratitude to you (and to The One who daily helps us!)   
-Jem. Xo

Account nameBen and Jemimah Read,  
                         Read Triplets Special Needs   

BSB: 082500 (Canowindra NAB)

Account number: 396905753

*The purpose of this special savings account is to help meet larger 'current special needs' of the Read Triplets, particularly to enable their independence.   

All funds deposited would be used to meet the current special need, at the moment being a fully accessible house, until this goal is met. 

(Another year it may be that they will need new wheelchairs, or later on their own modified vehicle, etc.)


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