Sunday, 18 January 2015

Building the Miracle House in 2015?

January is growing old and 2015 is definitely here. Unfortunately, it seems like it's time to shake off the holiday sloth and get back to everyday life..! 

Hot holiday afternoons inside..

What are your goals for 2015? 

Ours are simple: care for our three rambunctious wheelchair-bound 8 year olds, hold onto each other, oh, and build a fully accessible house. 

A noisy game of 'rounding up the (pink) sheep'!

Update on the 'Miracle House' project:

So far we have about $82,000 in donations in the Miracle House account, and about $25,000 in pledged building products. 

Our initial estimated fundraising goal is $200,000; although this could change depending on costs, and whether we can get a loan to cover the remaining cost of building.

We have been very blessed to have building designer Dick Clarke from Envirotecture donating his efforts to draw up plans for our difficult design brief. Recently we agreed on some preliminary plans which will fit our three kids, wheelchairs and all, and their long term special needs. We love Dicks work and we are excited to see the new house taking shape- on paper at least! 

Taking shape! (North is top of page, LDK: lounge, dining, kitchen. G: guest, ST: study, L2: 2nd lounge/kids space. All sized carefully to be completely accessible. Stage 2 is an indoor therapy pool.)

On our new block- one day the house will be in the distance behind us!

The next steps will involve getting ready to build! We hope to start building by June, but we would like to be closer to our fundraising goal before we embark on this massive project.

What do you hope to see when you look back on 2015 this time next year? 

As well as looking back on a year of deepening growth and love, we hope to look back on a year where we were able to build a house where our children are able to move freely, without feeling like they are constantly in the way. 

Wheelchair inflicted damage is common in our tight house.

Where do you hope to be this time next year? 

We dream of being in a home that fits our kids and enables them to grow in confidence and independence, a blessing to others.

We hope 2015 is a good one for you too! 

We'd love for you to get involved in our adventure this year, simply by sharing our story with others, (perhaps by sharing this blog link). Or join our journey by visiting our new Facebook page, 'Realising For The Read Triplets' 
We'd love to hear from you! 

Thanks so much to all those who have already shared and helped us out so generously- bless you!

PS: For those interested in promoting our cause in a more intentional way, I can post a handful of A6 postcards, printed with the above photo of us on our block, as well as all the necessary details about the 'miracle house' project printed on the backs! Simply comment below and I will be in touch.

Thanks again, we are very grateful to everyone involved in this 'barn raising'! xo