Friday, 16 December 2016

Slab Poured, Frames Stood

 There's been incredible progress on site over the last few months- here's a look at where we got up to, as we break for Christmas/New Year!

Since the incessant rain finally stopped we have been able to get cracking on the block. First to go up was the shed in October, then the house slab was poured on the 17th November- the kids birthdays! A fantastic present we thought... 

Slab prep; plumbing, formwork and termite barrier.

The 'waffle pods' for the slab. 

Pouring the slab. 

A solid birthday present! - I (Jemimah) got to write in the walls! :)

Keeping the slab wet as it cured over the next week or so.

Jem and Ben after a day working at the block with friends.

After the slab was cured later in November we had a 'barn-raising' one Saturday to stand the frames; 19 people from Canowindra and Orange showed up! The local CWA branch took care of lunch and by the end of the day we had the beginnings of a house!

The first frame is stood.


The beginnings of the house!

In early December the roof trusses began to line up.. 

The larger girder trusses were installed...

And the roof trusses were completed!

looking along the hallway.

Thanks so much to everyone who helped us get to this stage! We really appreciate your friendship and support! Thanks especially to Mark Ward for organising a constant stream of help. 
Looking forward to what the new year will bring!! 
Happy Christmas! 

the view of the house from the road.