Wednesday, 27 January 2016

The Long Summer Days...

... are a thing of the past ...

Refreshing visit to a local swimming hole.                       

Choc-tops after the new Star Wars movie!

Visited Canberra and the nations 'powerhouse'.

Took a dip at Mossy Point, Batemans Bay.

Visited the beach at Mystery Bay, south coast.

Needed help to get OFF the beach at Mystery Bay!

Some friends take a ride..

... in a game of light sabre jousting ... 

... where surprisingly nobody was injured!

Low tide at Caseys beach- the best time to visit! 

Time to go.. 

The long leisurely summer holidays are over. It comes with a little sadness and a lot more relief. We had some good times. And we survived! There is a lot to be grateful for. 

It's nearly the end of January, but it feels to me that 2016 only really just began in earnest.. Probably because school started back today! 
As we speak Anwen, Mahalah and Gideon are embarking on a new year at school. Year 4 is looking very hopeful. 

So here I find myself with the strange sensation of having free head-space to look ahead and wonder at 2016; 'What will you bring?' ... among other things, I really hope 2016 brings a house!
Our project took an enforced break over the Christmas holidays, but now that businesses are getting rolling again, so will 'the miracle house'!

Let me get you up to date with where things are at:

- Approximately $275,000 has been raised so far, with donations continually dribbling in. We are very grateful for them all, thank you!

- Late last year there was a 3 month hold-up due to questions over roofing material and cost. This has been happily resolved. The Truss and Frame Factory in Bathurst are supplying materials at an excellent price.

- The application for the Complying Development Certificate is nearing completion. It's awaiting final documents from engineers and building designer, (who are donating their time.)

- The Read Triplets Trust (started by a group of Canowindra philanthropists) is becoming incorporated.

- The Read Triplets Trust is applying for tax-deductible charity status, and hope to achieve this in the coming months.

- The Read Triplets Trust are looking at registering a team for the City2Surf again this year. (If you are interested let me know!)

And thats about all for now- I'll keep you posted when things start hotting up. :)
Thanks very much for all the interest, support and encouragement!

Wishing all the best for your year ahead,
With love, hope and faith,

Jemimah Read.