Saturday, 25 October 2014

In The News!

Strangely, in just this week, two happy media coincidences have meant that our story is spreading far and wide..  

Also included in this post: an exciting fundraising update, including the total raised so far, (steadily rising). 

We are so grateful.. 

After recently meeting Bob Holland, the enthusiastic editor of the local 'Orange City Life' magazine, he generously volunteered to write a full page story about our unique family and our accessible, purpose-built, house project. His excellent article is in this weeks edition of 'Orange City Life'. Follow the link below to read online. (Click on the magazine). See page 18.

Our story will also be in their sister mag 'Bathurst City Life' next week, and also later on in Dubbo Photo News. Thanks so much Bob and Jackie Holland! 

The Salvation Army's 'WarCry' magazine has also coincidently chosen this week to feature a double page spread about our family and our 'miracle house' project in their weekly edition! Thanks so much once again Glynne from Orange Salvo's, and Faye the lovely editor of the national magazine.

Thanks to the extra coverage, there has been extra donors giving generously to the 'Read Triplets Special Needs' fund, for the kids 'miracle' house. Thank you very much to those people who have responded with such kindness, especially Matt and others from Orange. Thanks also to the regular donors who have been giving each month, thank you very much for your encouraging support, especially Pam and Bill.

We have also had a generous offer from a tile business owner who could potentially cover all our tiling needs for the house, approximately $3,000 or more of product! Thanks so much Dennis.

It all counts, and it all goes directly towards the house project. 

So far we are up to $38,906, with a target of $200,000 to cover the gap we cannot afford. That's an adjusted goal of $161,094. Yaay!

There could be some more exciting news in the not too distant future, perhaps nicely coinciding with the week of the kids birthday in November??.. 
I can't believe the year has gone by so quickly since their last birthday.. 
I wonder what will happen next..? 
Stay tuned! 

The adventure continues...