Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The Miracle House Doco!

Let me introduce you to the latest release: The Miracle House motion picture! 

 Thanks to a talented young lady, a beautiful short doco has been made that accurately portrays our daily reality.. (oh my).

Katie manages to capture it all so skillfully that critics say watching it doesn't 'feel' like the 19 minutes it is. 
(A shorter 3min version is currently being made and will be posted here in the near future.) 

This doco was originally created for close friends and family, but after watching it Ben and I were so happy with the content that we decided to send it 'out into the ether'!  

Happy viewing! (And feel free to on-share with those who may be interested).

On behalf of our family,
Thanks and cheers,
Jem. xo

Ps: Gideon and Anwen have a rare hug.. (Because usually both of them are in wheelchairs. Anwen is in a standing frame and Gideon is sitting on his bed.) 

Pps: We recently had some of the kids friends over and decorated cupcakes! Needless to say Mahalah loved it!