Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Foundations Underway

Foundations of Accessible House for Triplets  Underway!

It's been an exciting time around here lately, with years of planning starting to take physical shape.

 Thanks again to everyone involved so far in this monumental 'barn-raising'; whether it be through friendship, prayer, donations, work-in-kind, equipment, supplies, labour or fundraising. We really appreciate it all, big and small. We really couldn't be achieving this for our kids on our own. 

Here's a quick recap of recent developments to get you up to speed:

The consistent sunshine meant we could finally make a start on foundations after three months of waiting. 

In the last week of October the house pad was prepared, profiles were set up, and the piers dug and concreted. 

Big thanks to Guy Lanyard for doing the house pad, James Isaacs for the profiles, and Michael Payten for his help with the piers. 

Preparing the house pad surface

Pouring pier concrete 

The pad, the piers and the profiles, all ready to be boxed up for the concrete slab! 

So ... what's going to happen next?

The Concrete slab for the house is due to be formed up and poured next week, coinciding with the kids 10th birthday on the 17th Nov! Big thanks to Andrew Broad and his team from Cowra for 'squeezing us in' to their busy schedule. 

The Framework for the house walls are due to be delivered the week after, from 21st Nov. We've put the call out for volunteers to help us stand them. Big thanks to everyone who has responded so far! We could always go an extra hand if you're in the area. 

The Roof trusses are due to be delivered the week of the 28th Nov, and we could really use volunteers this week as well. Thanks very much to those who are coming for that week! :) 

The Colourbond roof - if we can get a roofer organised in time- could also, potentially, be put up before Christmas!

Did You Know? Other Amazing and Beautiful 'House Things' have happened behind the scenes;

Concrete components have been donated by these large suppliers, thanks to Helen and Michael Payten for chasing them up, and local business for delivering them, including Earsmans Concrete, Canowindra;
Sand from Benedict, Sydney- thanks to Dana, CEO.
Cement from Boral, Sydney- thanks to Charbel, sales team.
Gravel from Millers Metals, West Wyalong- thanks to Peter, CEO. 

Windows and doors have been ordered, with massive discounts, thanks to the owners of Taberners Glass in Orange, and Rylock in Sydney, 

Slab insulation has been donated and delivered thanks to Adam from Kingspan Insulation, Sydney.

Termite barrier has been donated and delivered, with our thanks to Lindsay and Pat from FMC, Sydney.

Slab steel has been delivered with considerable discount, thanks to One Steel in Orange. 

The Shed is up on site, and doing a great job, thanks to a great deal from Paul, from Selecta Sheds in Orange.

Dan, from Cook and Roe Engineering in Orange, has been providing amazing assistance and generosity with our ongoing project.

Darryn and co. from Truss and Frame Factory in Bathurst have been invaluable in their assistance and generosity.

Dick Clarke, our building designer from Envirotecture, has been generously providing ongoing advice and assistance.

James Isaacs, our wonderful local builder, has been really great to work with on the ground. 

Mark Ward and team of locals from the kids charity (Raising For The Read Triplets) have been fantastic, providing ongoing support as things progress.

Despite the many crazy, horrible things going on in the world, there is definitely places where deep generosity of spirit, true goodness, and the real beauty of kind people shines bright and strong ... 
We are so grateful and honoured to be recipients of it here.

We'll be in touch. 

Many thanks, 
-Jem Read.

Anwen, Gideon and Mahalah inspecting the site! :)