Saturday, 20 August 2016

Work Begins After A Wet Winter

It Rained. And it Rained. And it Rained.. 

It started raining in May, the day after the earthworks were done. It did not stop raining for three months. The ground became so boggy that we could not get on site. Everything ground to a halt as we were forced to wait for drier weather. It has been a long winter, but recently things began to change.. 

What the site looked like for 3 months.  :(

Waiting for things to dry up..

A lot of water. The local river burst its banks a few times. 

I'm pleased to say the sun came out a few weeks ago and we have just recently been able to get started..

Visiting the block for the first time in months. (Dad had to push out a few bogged chairs..)

The house pad in the foreground, with the shed pad at the back. (left of the machinery)

Making a Start

Now that things are drying up, the first thing we've done is start on the shed. Ben (who is an owner/builder) has been busy levelling and preparing the ground for the shed slab, and in the next couple of weeks will be able to erect the shed kit on top. 

Some may wonder why we've started with the shed, and not the house? There's a couple of reasons; the house pad is not quite dry enough to access, and the shed is the first thing we've been able to do. 

Secondly, and more importantly, the shed will be like a site-office / storage place for equipment and building materials as we build the house. It's going to be a very handy 'base' to work from. It will also have a loo and shower which will be great for any volunteers who stay and help.  

The kids exploring around the shed pad

The form work for the shed slab

I was out at the block the other day, just looking, and I realised that everything I could see had a story of generosity behind it. So many people have been involved in these first small steps of our modern-day community 'barn raising'. We are very grateful. 

Thanks so much to: 

-The generous local couple who donated the cost of the Earthworks. 
-Guy Lanyard for delivering tons of crushed granite at a reduced rate.
-Selecta Shed in Orange for the reduced cost of our shed kit.
-OneSteel in Orange for a great discount on the steel 'rio' mesh for the shed and house slabs.  
-Michael Payten for procuring fantastic assistance from cement companies. 
-Les Pfeifer for being a great help to Ben.  
-Ken Stanley and James Isaacs for the lend of essential equipment. 
-The committee members of The Read Triplet Trust; for their outstanding determination and support.  

Despite the wet weather The Read Triplet Trust Committee have been doing some wonderful things over the last few months. 
This amazing group of Canowindra locals came together last year of their own accord, saw our kids need, and have doggedly persisted in developing a wonderful charity which will assist our kids for their whole lifetimes. 

Over the last few months the committee have;

-Been working hard to achieve DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) status, meaning that once set up, all donations can be tax-deductible. Stay tuned for that exciting development, and the account details. (For more information on donating to the Trust call Anne or Mark Ward on 0428 443 262).

-Hosted a fundraising long lunch at our local Wallington Winery's cellar door. 150 people attended, and $13,000 was raised! 

-Took part in this years City2Surf in Sydney. They raised a team of 35 members, who have so far raised $5,000 with more pledges coming in. 

-As well as the above, The Read Triplet Trust has been selected by up and coming singer/songwriter Gordi as her charity of choice if she wins an MTV competition. MTV will donate $10,000 if Gordi wins the most votes in their 'Brand New' competition. (Vote by tweeting #MTVbrandnewGordi) 

The Long Lunch fundraiser at Wallington Winery's cellar door 
Some of the silent auction

Some of the 35 strong team 'Raising A Roof' at City2Surf 2016; Mark & Anne Ward, Michael Payten, Marg Wallington.

Upcoming singer/songwriter Gordi at the City2Surf with her family, Canowindra locals.

Well, it should be an exciting few months.. I'm hoping and praying that work can continue, that the shed will be up soon and we can get started on the house.. will keep you posted! 

Check out our FB page for more details, as they happen; 

Thanks so much to all our friends and family for their support and friendship, and to the amazing regular donors who put in every month towards the new house. Thank you!!