Sunday, 29 November 2015


I don't know about you, but September, October, & November have FLOWN by in our house.. I was shocked to discover that I haven't posted a thing for you since August! It's probably about time I filled you in..

'Hi again!' Mahalah, Anwen and Gideon have definitely grown.

It's been a beautiful Spring out here in Canowindra. We've had lots of rain, and friendly weather. 
Our six lambs have been growing big and fat out on the house block, and our 200 trees are growing up slowly but surely. 

Family event, watching Ben and a friend ''mark' the new lambs'!

In October the kids had their annual, epic, week-long check-ups at Westmead Children's Hospital in Sydney. As always we came back in pieces -especially after learning that all three of the kids have developed varying scoliosis of the spine. And it's a progressive thing. And it will very possibly need surgery in the future. A part of having Muscular Dystrophy..

Our crew. Hospital canteen dinner is a joy after the 6 hour trip down.

Later on, in November, Anwen, Mahalah and Gideon turned nine years old!
There is a definite difference in having a house full of nine year olds, than 8 year olds.
They are growing up fast, into their own unique, determined, and mostly pretty happy, personalities.

Mahalah and Anwen orchestrated a 'ladies' high tea party! 
Ben and Gideon escape to go bush. 

Swimming continues to be an absolute favourite for all three! 

Gideon likes chess- because 'it's like you can really do war'.


In September we took another small step towards our goal, with the soil analysis completed. (So the slab could get engineered, so the slab could get poured..!)
At that time we were told that all going well, the earthworks could potentially start in November..
We celebrated the 'step forward' in this unassuming-looking document!
Before the slab could get poured we needed the roof to be 'engineered', (lengthy building-type explanation ahead), and because we are taking the route of a Complying Development Certificate, (different to a D.A), we need to make sure everything detailed in the paperwork is exactly how we want to build the house, (at the price we want to pay), before we submit the application. (It's harder to make changes later on). 
SO; we wanted to make sure the way we’ve chosen to build is the most cost-effective way, which achieves what we need. 

We were chasing up final quotes to this end, and THEN we received an hugely overpriced quote for the roof structure!
That put a spanner in the works.
We needed to find a better price from a different supplier, or change the design!

Since then, for the last couple of months, we've been working with our building designer, approaching various tradesmen and shed builders, trying to find one that would help us with what we need: a roof!

Just today we may have found someone -but we have no idea when they might provide what we need. The waiting continues... 

LOTS of watching time pass.. 

Regardless of the above, we are VERY grateful to have raised an amazing total so far of $275,000! Thank you to everyone involved! 
And while we have enough funds to make a definite start on the house, we continue to await the completion of all the necessary paperwork. (I'm learning these processes take time.)

Thank you very much to Dick Clarke from Envirotecture, and the many others involved, for their work on our CDC!  
It will get there. At the moment it all seems to be hanging on the roof...

Despite the hold up it's been ESPECIALLY ENCOURAGING how a group of dedicated locals have formed the 'Read Triplets Trust'.

This committee is working towards becoming an incorporated body, and is working towards becoming a registered charity and a 'Deductible Gift Recipient'! The beneficiaries of this Trust are Anwen, Mahalah and Gideon, to provide for their special accommodation, education and medical needs.
I have been absolutely floored by these amazing locals, and the effort they are willing to go to, to create something that could provide for Anwen, Mahalah and Gideon, even after they- or I- have left this earth! Thank you to each of those involved!

A significant meeting of the Read Triplets Trust, on the road towards
 gaining DGR status!

 In the meantime, it's also been greatly encouraging to receive the occasional surprise in the mail, or the random encounter with a generous stranger... but they are other stories..!

Our journey continues...
Thanks so much for joining us!

Jemimah Read xo
on behalf of the kids and Ben!