Thursday, 22 September 2016

Our New Charity Gains Tax-Deductible Status!

You don't know how hard it is to get Deductible Gift Recipient status.

There are multiple government organisations to deal with, reams of paperwork to complete, fists of letters to be written, hours of phone calls to be made, and months of waiting.. 

But thanks to the tireless work of some amazing Canowindra locals, and after almost a year of ongoing submissions and re-submissions;
 'Raising For The Read Triplets Inc' is now a registered, incorporated charity, and has achieved DGR status from the Australian Taxation Office!!

We would never have done this on our own. It was in the 'too-hard basket'. So we are grateful beyond words to the main drivers; Jackie and Geoff Yeo, and Mark and Anne Ward; two amazingly determined couples! Our thanks to the whole committee, pictured below, who got together time and again to make it all happen. 

Most of the charity's committee at a significant meeting; L to R, Jemimah Read, Robyn Cleary, Anne Ward, Margaret Wallington, Jackie and Geoff Yeo, Dylan Gower, Ross Cleary, Mark Ward, Sam and Anna Stranger, Eugene Marais, and Helen and Michael Payten. 

What does this DGR mean?

DGR or Tax-deductible status is a massive bonus for our charity! 
It means that individuals, businesses, or companies can make a tax-deductible donation to the charity 'Raising For The Read Triplets', and receive a receipt of their donation for their annual tax return. 

It has the potential to provide for Anwen, Mahalah and Gideon for their lives- not just for their immediate housing needs. 
Because; there will be life-long costs associated with their disability.

Now it's a matter of getting the word out there! 
Anyone know of any philanthropic groups, businesses or companies who might like to help?

Anwen, Jemimah, Mahalah and Gideon receiving a $5,000 donation for the new accessible house. 

How to make a tax-deductible donation?

The details for the 'Raising for the Read Triplets' DGR account are below. You may notice they are different to the account details previously posted on this blog. Please disregard the old account details I posted, as they are not linked to the charity's account and are not DGR. 

To receive a tax-deductible receipt please email your details and postal address to Eugene Marais at

'Raising for the Read Triplets Inc' DGR account details are:

Bank: NAB
Account name: Read Triplets DGR Account. 
BSB: 082 774
Account No: 402 853 874

How can we ever say thank you enough?!

With much gratitude and on behalf of the family,

Jemimah Read.

 P.S: Update on the Build

The constant rain has continued to delay the start on the house, but in the meantime, thanks to some local blokes lending their valuable machinery and time, we have been slowly putting the shed up. As well as Bens future workshop, this will be an excellent storage place to build the house from! We continue to wait for drier weather... But, like the song we sang the other day in church, 'Our God Reigns'..!  :)

Thank you to the brilliant blokes; Murray Aldridge, Michael Payten, Ken Stanley, Les Pfieffer, Peter Henry, Paul Earsman, Ian, Mitch, and Colin, who all lent a hand at various stages of the shed build.  Community barn-raising this is.  

Skeleton of the shed and puddles on the house pad beyond.
Walls go up. 

Murray and Ben put up the corner capping. They're roofing today, as I write.