Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Getting There- But Help Still Needed!

Our Triplets Accessible 'Miracle House' Is Slowly Being Birthed.. But Help Is Still Needed To Build It!


out on our block

The house plans are in the final stages and a surveyor is on the job. We have been busy with sheep and fencing, and we are getting ready to plant boundary screens... 

Yet, as most of you know, Ben and I -being full time carers, with limited income and assets- could not possibly afford to build this large, purpose built house on our own.. 

So we've been fundraising to help make this house a reality!  Over the last 12 months a variety of generous people have contributed an amazing total so far of $123,660! This will be such a help! We are so grateful! But the finances still fall short of what is needed to complete the house. We need help.

-With a credit card: click the 'Donate' button at the top right of this blog.
-With direct deposit: our bank details are; 
Acc Name- 'Read Triplets Special Needs', 
Bank- NAB Canowindra, 
BSB- 082 500, 
Acc No- 396 905 753
-With 'donations in kind' or other assistance, contact us via email: 

Thank you! Every little bit directly helps build the house! 

SHARING: an easy, practical way you can help:

The kids recently helped us make a 3min clip designed to spread and share with all our friends. It's basically our story in a tasty nutshell.  Here is the link to it! 

I figured if our friends could share it with their friends, and their friends shared it with their friends, and so on, who knows where, and who, God could take our story to?! Who knows what could happen?! 

The reality is we need help, and we need to put our story out there. We hope and pray that people might respond.. It's humbling and difficult, but we're trusting that good can come out of it- that it blesses people, as much or more than we are blessed by them!

So check out the interesting 3min clip below, and please consider sharing this with as many of your friends, family and contacts as you can. We really appreciate your help. (Here is the link again: Young Triplets In Need )

With Hope, Love and Faith,
Jem Read
(On behalf of Benjamin, and Anwen, Mahalah and Gideon).