Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Starting the build: Earthworks

 Mahalah, Jem, Anwen, Ben and Gideon Read. John Ross in dozer.
Photo credit: ABC Central West Melanie Pearce.

Tuesday the 17th of May was a VERY exciting day for us. The dozer arrived on site and by that afternoon the block was transformed. We had begun. 

3 Vista Lane is now officially a work site! Big thanks to Canowindra local business, John Ross Earthmoving, for tackling our huge job. Not an easy task. 

That afternoon Melanie Pearce, a fantastic reporter and photographer for ABC Central West, came out and did an excellent story about our journey so far. 

We are really happy with how she managed to capture the real essence of our story so well. Spot on. Check out her brilliant article and photos at the ABC Central West web page, here. And feel free to on-share with anyone who may be interested. 

The big dozer arrives on site

The first few passes- goodbye grass!

Ben, James Isaacs -our builder- and John Ross inspect the first days work

Mahalah up at the top gate after the first day

So, the journey takes a step up. We are so grateful for all the hundreds of people who have helped us get to where we are at this week! 

For more details as they happen, stay in touch by heading online to our Facebook page. (You can view it even if you don't have a Facebook account). 

Jem xo