Friday, 28 August 2015

BEYOND $200K! The First Milestone...

A treat with dad..

Anwen, Mahalah, and Gideon Read are our 8 year old triplets with a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy. It's a non-degenerative type, but they will be reliant on power wheelchairs for life. 

Yet, they are 'normal' kids, with a normal life expectancy, and are in Year 3 at our local public school...

Anwen in her standing frame at school...

As most people know, my husband and I are their full-time carers: it's a full-time job! And, although we have some equity in our current little house, we are unable to work much, and have little to loan against. So, as much as our children really need an accessible house that fully enables them, we have been unable to build it on our own.

When we started fundraising in March last year, our initial goal of $200K towards building our 'miracle house' seemed like a huge amount. Instead, in the last year, we have been blown away by the amazing generosity of hundreds of people!

So we are incredibly excited to now announce that we have recently topped this initial target of $200K! This has been boosted lately by the efforts of an incredible group of about 60 Canowindra locals, young and old, who completed the City2Surf in Sydney recently, and raised a massive $40K towards the house! The house funds now stand at approximately $250K-and rising every week! 

Above: the amazing Canowindra team 'Raising a Roof' at the recent City2Surf in Sydney.

We would like to say a huge 'Thank You!' to everyone, throughout all the wider communities towns, and countries, who have helped our family reach this amazing goal! It ensures we can now
start building a completely accessible home for the kids, and get it to a basic lock-up stage.

We have been quite overwhelmed by the support we have received at times. It's given us courage and hope. Anwen, Mahalah and Gideon are excited, and constantly look forward to the things they will be able to do for themselves “when we are in the new house...”

(Above: another amazing community fundraiser. The recent 'monster garage sale' at Springwood, Blue Mountains, which Toni, Mike, and friends from their local church community, organised! They raised over $8K in one day.)

Thanks to the achievement of our initial $200K goal, we are daring to dream about a finished home for the kids, and living in it possibly even sooner than we expected!
But, anyone who has built a house knows, it takes time and money. And lots of both.

We are now looking ahead, praying for more courage and hope, as we face the next target: completing the 'miracle house' to a liveable stage. For this, the next goal is to reach $450K. This will ensure a semi-complete 'fit-out', but without some of the special equipment needed to care for Anwen, Mahalah and Gideon, (i.e. ceiling hoists).
We estimate that a further $100K on top of this will mean that we can begin to live in the 'miracle house', sooner rather than later. This is Stage 1 of the build. 

Once we have completed Stage 1, and are living in the house, we will look towards the Stage 2 of the build, which includes an indoor hydrotherapy pool, to help maintain the kids limited muscle strength. For now though, the priority is Stage 1; completing the main part of the house, and being able to move into it. It would be a dream-come-true if we can be in before winter sets in again, next year.

What to wear on a wet winters day..
For now, we continue to wait for the completion of plans and paperwork required for council approval, and then the earthworks can commence. Stay tuned for that happy day!

Our grateful thanks once again, to everyone who has helped us reach this amazing $200K milestone! We deeply value all the support, prayers and encouragement.
It really does 'take a community to raise a child'.

Jem Read,
on behalf of the family.

P.S- If you are reading this on an IOS device you won't be able to see the 'Donate' button that shows on the full web version.
 If you would like to donate and help us build our 'miracle house' -thank you very much! Head to the web version, or, our account details are:
Bank: NAB Canowindra.
Acc Name: B & J Read Triplets Special Needs.
BSB: 082 500
Acc Number: 396 905 753
Thank you again!